Discovering the Past and Unveiling the Future

Freshman year of college I discovered my love of TED Talks—particularly the ones on science and math. I love learning about how crocheting patterns helped scientists create models of hyperbolic space and how camels may have originated from arctic climates. For this project, I took two of my favorite talks—one by Kenneth Lacovara on his Titanosaur discovery and one by Robert Ballard on his fascination of ocean life. Both talks end with an inspiring call to action asking future scientists to continue to search our planet for more information on our past to help us uncover our future.

Both talks relied heavily on slideshow images to help tell the story. I incorporated this into my books by integrating sheets of tracing vellum that provide further context to the images. Like Lacovara’s talk, the transparency sheets in the fossil book layer pieces of information onto pre-existing knowledge of maps and geography. The sheets in Ballard’s book block out parts of the picture, so the reader can uncover the majesty of a world unseen. Both books contain pull quotes that are distortion mapped onto the geographical forms in the picture. I pulled out what I considered to be the most provocative and inspiring quotes from the two talks to show how entwined their speeches are to our planet.

How dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe - Kenneth Lacovara (TED2016)
The Astonishing Hidden World of the Deep Ocean - Robert Ballard (TED2008)