For Whom the Bell Trolls

I’m really fascinated by Internet culture, and people’s tendencies to behave differently online, which lead me to Lindy’s podcast from This American Life on her experiences with a traumatic Internet troll. Like her, I’ve never heard of a scenario where a troll willingly admits they were in the wrong, so I was moved by the piece and Lindy’s powerful narration.

I built my book on the metaphor of hiding behind screens, where the truth isn't immediately apparent until revealed. Inspired by the cover of Stefan Sagmeister's Made You Look, the book uses red transparency film to mask red type, while the cyan reads through the film. I had to convert the images into ASCII (an early 2000's method of making images from text) and ran several tests to find the balance between obscuring the red text so it wouldn't be too solid to see through the sheet while maintaining legibility once revealed.


Case Study