The Lure of the Contest

Article on the author's experience (and pain) entering a garlic eating contest (Simple Syrup Magazine)

Part Time Hero

Illustration to accompany a critic's review of Spider-man Homecoming 

The Airbnb monopoly

Illustration for an article describing how Airbnb homes compete with hotels and their ammenities geared towards business travelers.

Green Light

For a piece describing the phenomenon of "exhaustive pop"--"big, expansive pop that sounds exhausted, and in a way this affords it a bracing kind of energy, an energy that feels worked for and then expired." (Aux Magazine)

The hand of the coroner

Article on the corruption of unqualified politicians taking over coroner positions through local elections. (Wash U Political Review Magazine)

using their brains

Illustration for a recent MIT study that revealed promising information about the similarities between human and monkey brain functioning. (Frontiers Magazine)

Packing the essentials

For a piece on one professor's dedication to providing Ethiopian girls with sanitary products so they can now attend school on days they're menstruating.
(Frontiers Magazine)

invisible damage

Many adolescent football players carry undetected brain damage from concussions--and sometimes the lasting effects can be fatal. (Frontiers Magazine)